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700,000 people, unfortunately I wasn’t there. Anway, I found an interesting, entertaining video of this year’s Woodstock (about which we wrote here). This year’s Woodstock was 20th, nice anniversary. Check this very positive video. The author of the film is Thomas Suski.

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Bieszczady are considered by many as the most beautiful mountains in Poland. They are neither the highest nor the most impressive, but there is “something” in there. You will always want to go back there. A few days ago I had the opportunity to hike in the Bieszczady and I’m still impressed by their beauty, so I would like to show you four films showing Bieszczady during different seasons. These films are made by two brothers: Marcin and Krystian Kłysiewicz. […]

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Warsaw, the city that can be liked – sang famous polish actor Adolf Dymsza. Today Warsaw is not as it was before WW2 but still … can be liked. Of course now you have to try much harder to do it. This video will definitely help you to fall in love with Warsaw. And you what do you think about Warsaw? Can still be liked?

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Szymbark is a small village in the Kaszuby region, located in the heart of the Kashubian Landscape Park. It is one of the most beautiful places in the „Kashubian Switzerland”. However, this is not the only attraction near Szymbark. Definitely worth visiting the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion with its… the upside down house. Do not believe? Just see. Upside down house is not the only attraction of the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark. You can also see there the […]

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Four kilometers from Gryfino grows very strange and mysterious forrest – „Crooked Woods”. Crooked Woods is about 100 tress growing on area of 0,3 ha. planted probably in 1934. Just above the ground the trees mysteriously begins to grow horizontally, and then bends up a wide berth. All are bent in the same direction – North. In addition, the trees are particularly low, not exceeding 15 meters. Other pines around here are quite ordinary, so you can assume that this spectacular phenomenon is caused by humans. The […]

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