Only in Poland

Just because some things can happen only here

1984 (as in Orwell), Iron Maiden came to a concert in Poznan Arena. Musicians stayed overnight at the hotel Merkrury and as true Heavy metal players they decided to drop out for a drink. The closest active restaurant (remember this was 1984) Adria was located right next to the hotel and Poznan Fair.



It turned out, however, that there is a problem to get inside due to a wedding party. The name of the band acted as an „open sesame” and they let boys get in for a drink. Wedding guests could not believe their eyes, someone threw if they could play something. They agreed to. Of course, the repertoire of Iron Maiden is not well suited to the Polish wedding, so they played „Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple) and Tush (ZZ Top).

The bridegroom was Peter Żmudziński, bride Dorothy Nawrocka:
– Suddenly appeared some people who are completely cut off from the rest: long hair, different clothes, different behaviors come on stage and we wonder „what’s going on? ’. Suddenly cousin yells: „Look, it is the Iron Maiden!” and we „no, no, yes, yes.” At first we treated as a good joke (

Mr. Peter admits, too, that they had to stop talking to a friend that Iron Maiden played  on their wedding party because it ended like „yeah true and on ours we had Beatles”

I cannot even imagine what a shock it must cause among the wedding guests.

Today, after 30 years a lot has changed, Mr. Piotr and Dorota are no longer married but still are friends.

Fortunately, someone managed to capture this mini concert – remember it was the year 1984!

Leo On czerwiec - 25 - 2014


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