Only in Poland

Just because some things can happen only here

Warsaw, the city that can be liked – sang famous polish actor Adolf Dymsza. Today Warsaw is not as it was before WW2 but still … can be liked. Of course now you have to try much harder to do it. This video will definitely help you to fall in love with Warsaw. And you what do you think about Warsaw? Can still be liked?

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This film has very positive effect on my mood and the distance to our country often pathetic – scandals, eavesdropping, economical problems etc 🙂 Poland is so cool that even you, our wonderful Members of Parliment will not destroy my view on it.

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This is how it was before, and this is how it is now (alomst now).   Source, imgur,,news,jak-dlugopis-czy-krzyz-br-metro-hitem-internetu,52412.html  

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About our football fans, press usually writes in a mostly very unfavorable way, but follwoing the old English saying „the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” one should definitely appreciate Kolejorz fans. Lech Poznan fans went to the Euro League match with Manchester City and warmed up the stadium by doing Poznan . Yes, Poznan! First things first…. Seems that Manchester City Fans did not fully understood it 🙂 Fortunately, quickly mastered the situation, and […]

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Today something less serious. What and who can you meet on polish roads. Something for bikers. … and what if I’m riding on bike? The slalom And now something for drivers who like fast reading while driving 🙂 and some more…   I’m not sure if below is in Poland

Posted by navassa On cze - 22 - 2014 Możliwość komentowania Polish roads została wyłączona READ FULL POST
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