Only in Poland

Just because some things can happen only here

Short video, describing the history of Poland. Video was prepared by Tomasz Bagiński for the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. [youtube=]

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700,000 people, unfortunately I wasn’t there. Anway, I found an interesting, entertaining video of this year’s Woodstock (about which we wrote here). This year’s Woodstock was 20th, nice anniversary. Check this very positive video. The author of the film is Thomas Suski.

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This film has very positive effect on my mood and the distance to our country often pathetic – scandals, eavesdropping, economical problems etc 🙂 Poland is so cool that even you, our wonderful Members of Parliment will not destroy my view on it.

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1984 (as in Orwell), Iron Maiden came to a concert in Poznan Arena. Musicians stayed overnight at the hotel Merkrury and as true Heavy metal players they decided to drop out for a drink. The closest active restaurant (remember this was 1984) Adria was located right next to the hotel and Poznan Fair. It turned out, however, that there is a problem to get inside due to a wedding party. The name of the band acted as an „open sesame” […]

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Przystanek Woodstock – Woodstock Bus stop, music festivale organized by Wielka Orkiestra Swiatecznej Pomocy (Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity) Charity. Festival is led by charizmatic Foundation leader Jurek Owsiak. In principle, this event is a acknowledgment to the volunteers for their work during the Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, it is fully free for viewrs and evrybody can join. The festival also attracts many foreigners, mostly from Germany, invited teams from around the world. German police and medical […]

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